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The sensational hop in oil costs over the ongoing years has put a lot of pressure on finding ways to reduce expenses in the manufacturing industry.

Steam is frequently the main supplier of heat to a process making it an asset therefore utilizing steam productively aids in decreasing the operational costs and in so doing creating savings.

For over a quarter of a century now, we have invested in researching on steam systems, putting together an able team that can deliver and associating oursleves with the manufacturer who has a proven energy efficient and emission reducing solution.

GEMThermal Energy Int’l. Inc. manufactures the GEM® Steam Trap which steam users can increase profit margins, meet emission regulations and increase production while reducing consumption of fossil fuels. Retrofitting your steam system with GEM® steam traps enables your organization to benefit from:

  1. Permanent Energy Savings:

    • 10 to 30% permanent reduction in steam costs.

  2. Excellent Return On Investment:

    • Payback typically ranges from 1 to 2 years.

  3. Ultimate Reliability:


  4. Minimal Maintenance:

    • No moving parts = no failure on traps = minimal downtime.

  5. Increased Production:

    • Faster system warm up = quicker batch times.

  6. Increased Safety:

    • No water hammer or condensate backup from failed traps.

  7. Greater Control of Heat Output:

    • Self-regulating vs. opening & closing mechanical traps.

  8. Superior Service:

    • GEM® traps are individually sized to fit your requirements.

We have surveyed, sized, installed and commissioned the GEM® Condensate Return System in virtually all sectors where steam is raised and used:

  • Breweries

  • Chemical manufacturing

  • Dairy and milk processing

  • Healthcare and hospitality industries

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Tea Processing

  • Tobacco Processing

We proudly represent Thermal Energy Int./GEM® in Sub-Saharan Africa.




Valsteam ADCA Engineering, specialized in the design and manufacture of ground breaking products for industrial steam and fluid systems.

Their range of products has been increasing since 1983 and now offers a wide range of solutions for all steam fields such as:

  • Condensate and compressed air traps

  • Air eliminators

  • Pressure reducing valves

  • Humidity separators

  • Sight glasses

  • Heat exchangers

  • Steam injectors

  • Control valves

  • Thermostatic valves

  • Strainers

  • Flash vessels

  • AdcaPure range for clean steam aplicattions

  • Energy recovery systems and much more.

We represent Valsteam ADCA Engineering, S.A. in Eastern Africa.



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