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Process Measurement and Control Solutions

Since the company's inception, NDC Technologies has always placed its focus on the customer application and offering the consultative capability to provide the right measurement solution without compromise. Our technology focus has evolved towards those which are capable, safe, require little regulatory control and – above all – offer the highest measurement accuracy. Infrared, Laser, X-Ray, Optical and more recent technologies are shaping today's industry and keeping us at the technological forefront.

All of our solutions are backed by over 50 years of expertise with NDC playing a dominant role in the food, bulk and tobacco industries; film extrusion and converting industries; cable and tube industries; and metals industries. The software in each and every instrument is unique and is supported by some of the world’s leading applications specialists.

Bringing together industry knowledge, advanced production experience and business expertise, NDC Technologies is poised to deliver the best possible solutions for our customers.


MM710e NIR

Food Gauge

MM710eNDC's NIR On-Line Gauges accurately and reliably measure Moisture, Fat/Oil, Protein, Degree of Bake/Surface Browness and other constituents in Food Products.


Tobacco Gauge

TM710eVNDC's NIR On-Line Gauges accurately and reliably measure Moisture, Total Volatiles, Sugars, Nicotine and other constituents in Tobacco Products.

CM710e NIR

Bulk Material Gauge

CM710eNDC's NIR On-line Gauges accurately and reliably measure moisture in a wide range of Industrial and Pharmaceutical Products.

InfraLab e-Series NIR


InfraLabNDC's NIR At-Line Benchtop Analysers accurately and reliably measure key constituents in Food, Tobacco, Industrial or Pharmaceutical Products.

Industry Solutions



NDC Food

Learn why thousands of food processors across the globe rely on NDC's measurement solutions for the measurement of Moisture, Fat/Oils, Protein & the Degree of Bake to drive quality assurance & process control.



NDC Tobacco

NDC's On-Line and At-Line tobacco measurement solutions deliver the highest performance for optimum process control.

Minerals and Bulk


NDC Bulk

NDC's real-time moisture measurement solutions help you optimize drying processes, improve productivity and better control product quality.

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry

NDC Chemical

NDC offers highly accurate, in-process moisture measurement solutions for powders, granules, pastes and slurries.



On-Line and At-Line Measurements for Total Process Control

Moisture control is a key parameter for many food and bulk manufacturers. The need to keep products consistent is what determines the overall quality and satisfaction of the customer.

NDC's solutions for moisture measurements include on-line, continuous control and at-line analysis that eliminate the need for expensive and timely laboratory testing.

Our instruments use multi-wavelength NIR reflection methods, meaning there's no need for contact with the product.  


We Have the Experience to Help Meet Your Specific Measurement Requirements

Too much fat or oil in a product will dramatically affect it's overall quality.

Using non-contact, multi-wavelength reflection techniques, the fat or oil content can be accurately measured through either on-line or at-line instruments.

NDC's solutions can help to eliminate changes in the process and ensure customer satisfaction.

The MM710e Gauge and the InfraLab Food Analyser can be used to measure Fat or Oil in various product types.


Reliable Content Analysis for Optimal Blended Meat Batches

Speeding up batch release and reducing lean give-away are key goals to nearly all meat processors.

NDC's InfraLab At-Line analyzer accurately and reliably measures the fat, moisture, protein and collagen content in meat samples.

Suitable for beef, lamb, pork and poultry applications, InfraLab measures the product parameters in less than 10 seconds, while next to the production line.

Degree of Bake or

Surface Browness

We Can Help You Control the Taste, Texture and Appearance of Your Valuable Products

Testing of the product during the manufacturing process for moisture and color is important to ensure final product consistency and freshness.

NDC's proven Degree of Bake (DOB) measurement provides simultaneous measurements of moisture, oil and surface brownness.

The measurement is designed to closely imitate the response of the human eye to changes in brownness and the readings used are highly repeatable and dependable for real-time feedback to the process controller.

Our MM710e and InfraLab can be used to measure DOB in a range of products.

Degree of Roast for Coffee

Improve Product Consistency and Quality

It is common practice for Coffee roastmasters to measure the moisture and “color” (which ranges from light to dark) of roasted coffee beans to monitor the quality of the roasting process, and ensure the product is within target specification prior to further processing. The color value, often referred to as degree of roast (DOR), is normally measured in the ground state as the beans are generally not uniform in color.

NDC's proven and trustworthy at-line analyzers provide simultaneous measurements of moisture and DOR. Highly repeatable and dependable, these measurements deliver real-time feedback to the process controller to improve batch-to-batch consistency and refine processing operations.

Total Volatiles

In-Process Measurements that Parallel What Your Oven Reference Method Measures

NDC's in-process instruments directly measures the Total Volatiles in tobacco at all key points in the Primary and GLT processes.

NDC's on-line and at-line solutions measure more closely to the laboratory primary reference methods, which are based upon oven drying tests. Measurements are established from a huge level of tobacco sample analysis via a global database.