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Lapp Group designs, manufactures and supplies Industrial Cables and Cable Accessories. Founded in 1957, they have been producing cables and conductors for different industries and markets such as:

  • Mechanical, Plant and Systems Engineering,

  • Electrical and installations engineering,

  • Energy suppliers,

  • Light and sound,

  • Photovoltaics,

  • Planning work,

  • Wind energy,

  • E-mobility

  • Automotive industry,

  • MSR technology,

  • EDC and more.

Products Portfolio

ÖLFLEX® Power and control cables


ÖLFLEX® is used in machinery, machine tools, system and appliance engineering, measuring, control, heating and air conditioning technologies.



LappLapp produces a full range of data cables for fast and secure transfers of large volumes of data. From machine electronics and bus systems to super-fast LAN data networks or highly-versatile applications: We have the data cables you need for virtually any situation.

ETHERLINE® Data communications

LAPPThe Lapp Group is now in a position to offer comprehensive system solutions in the field of industrial networking. Its Factory Automation division supplies active network components that are used to supplement existing cable and plug technologies.

HITRONIC® Optical transmission

LAPPHITRONIC® fibre optic cables are designed to transfer large volumes of data. Communications media via fibre optics are fast, efficient, and secure. Not even electromagnetic interference can affect HITRONIC® fibre optic cable.

EPIC® Industrial


LAPPEPIC® industrial connectors produce an absolutely secure connection in combination with ÖLFLEX® cables. We provide the right contact for all your needs: From rectangular or circular connectors, to housings, inserts, contacts and accessories, bus or fibre optic cable applications.



LAPPSKINTOP® cable glands guarantee secure connections every time. Simply thread the cable and twist. That's all! Your cables are perfectly centered, secured, hermetically sealed, and ready for action.

SILVYN® Protective Cable Conduits

LAPPIn many applications cables have to be additionally protected against mechanical and chemical stress. For this type of application, Lapp Group can supply the universal SILVYN® protective cable conduit program.

FLEXIMARK® Cable marking products

LAPPLabels on single cores, cables, and control cabinets need to remain legible for years to come. This is the best way to keep things well organized and avoid potential problems.

Tools and Cable Accessories

LAPPThe Lapp Group stands for high quality Tools and Cable Accessories as connectors, cable ties, shrinking tubing and cable trolley system and others.

  • Cutting, Holding, Stripping and Skinning with an ergonomic design.

  • Crimping tools and the suitable connectors as end sleeves, cable lugs and panel connectors.

  • Insulating, protecting, shrinking  cables such as shrinking tubing, copper braids, insulating tube and others.

  • Binding, bundling and fastening cables. Their range includes Ground straps, Cable bundling engineering, Standard Cable ties, Detectable Cable ties, Premium cable ties with steel nose, Releasable cable tie, Steel cable ties, Assembly tool for cable ties and Cable tie sockets.

  • Diverse range of Cable guiding and fixing cables that inlcude Cable trolley systems, Cable ducts, Cable wedge clamps and Industry boxes.

  • Installation, processing, maintenance tools for the electrical industry such as the Kraftform® adjustable torque screwdriver for 0,3-1,2 NM for assembling connectors and sensor-actuator wiring and others.

  • Transporting, storing, unwinding equipment.