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IMIA world leader in Motion and Fluid Control technologies having a deep understanding of their focus industry sectors and has a growing reputation in each.

IMI Precision Engineering uses this knowledge and understanding to take their solutions deep into these sectors helping more customers enjoy an Engineering Advantage



NDC Technologies is a leading global provider of precision measurement and control solutions for manufacturing processes. Our products and technologies help customers to:

  • Improve product quality and performance.

  • Advance core manufacturing processes.

  • Reduce downtime and waste.

  • Shorten time to market.

NDC's solutions enable manufacturers to measure a wide range of constituents and dimensional properties.



Rototherm Group is a world leader in the supply of Industrial Instrumentation and Services.

Rototherm's experience has been built up over the last 170 years, and we are totally committed to working in partnership with our customers and ensuring we meet your exact requirements.



Sierra Instruments designs and manufactures high-performance thermal mass flow meters and controllers , immersible thermal mass flowmeters, vortex flow meters and transit-time ultrasonic flow meters for nearly every gas, liquid, or steam application. Customers choose Sierra when they need a flow meter manufacturer who can provide:

  • Accurate and repeatable flow measurement

  • Short delivery lead times

  • Expert flow advice

  • Custom flow engineering at no charge

  • Long term support