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East African Cables is a premier cable manufacturer with an extensive range of cables for applications in Domestic and Industrial lighting, as well as transmission and distribution of electricity.

They also offer Data, Telecommunication and Fiber Optic solutions with requisite accessories.

Products Portfolio

EAC Products

Utility Cables

Aluminium overhead conductors for aerial transmission lines and service drop cables for secondary overhead transmission or as feeders to residential houses.

This range includes:

  • All Aliminium Conductors; Bare or PVC insulated.

  • Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced; Bare or PVC insulated.

  • Concentric Neutral Conductor; Copper or Aluminium.

  • All Aluminium Conductor PVC Insulated and Sheathed.

  • Aluminium Binding; Bare or Insulated.

Note: All other constructions available on request.

House Wiring

An extensive range of cables for applications in and around the home from power and lighting circuits through the whole range of electrical appliances used around the home.

These include:

  • Single Core Copper Conductors, PVC insulated cables.

  • Single Core Copper PVC insulated and sheathed.

  • Copper Conductor Flat Wiring cables with or without and uninsulated earthing.

  • Flexible Copper Conductors PVC insulated and sheathed.

Amoured & Non-Armoured Cables

Power cables used in the distribution of electricity throughout the national gridlines from the generation points to the industrial complexes and towns

The range includes both copper and aluminium:

  • Multicore PVC Insulated, Steelwire Armoured.

  • Multicore PVC Insulated, Non-Armoured cables.

  • Multicore PVC Insulated, Steelwire Armoured Effect Control Cables.

  • Multicore PVC Insulated, Non-Armoured Ecffect Control Cables.

Medium and high voltage cables from 6.6 KV upwards available.

Automotive Cables

Cables for the automotive industry including cables for use in the manufacture of:

  • Electrical Harnesses.

  • Battery Cables.

  • Ignition Cables.